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Azzam Pillow Top

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Azzam pillow top
Go to sleep as if you were the sleeping prince on the antique-style hotel mattress specially made for the elite. Designed and woven with high-end components to give you the highest levels of luxury with its content of natural latex, which is compounded with a mixture of premium polyester layers, high-density sponge and flexibility to provide the necessary comfort for the sleeper, all supported by the technology of individual springs (Pocket Springs) Zipper inside the cotton pockets Providing complete end-to-end support, the Azzam Pillowtop mattress is a perfect blend of comfort and luxury and is considered one of the best mattress options in the world.
layers of comfort
A slice of natural latex covered with first-class white polyester
Primary Support

It consists of a system of individual springs (pocket spring) inside special cotton pockets to achieve high performance to support the body inside the high-density and durability sponge box
mattress outer fabric
A very luxurious fabric with a distinctive and soft cotton and silky feel
Distinctive features
A high quality mattress that does not need to be rotated or flipped
It has top layers of natural rubber latex
Designed with a single-spring base and encapsulated pockets to give you comfort and constant harmony
mattress structure
The double mattress contains 1600 springs to provide the required support and balance in the shape of the body gives you a feeling of stability

12 years warranty 

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