Mammu Latex

SAR 3,703.00
SAR 1,851.00

Hr Foam

SAR 1,932.00
SAR 1,255.00
Mammu Latex Mammu Latex Specials

Mammu Latex

SARSAR 3,703.00 SARSAR 1,851.00

Mammulatex mattress
Life and Activity Mattress - The Mamolatex mattress is designed to make your sleep more healthy and is a special source of body energy, bones and minerals, which improves your activity during the day and provides you with real comfort during sleep and gives your body more complete relaxation to enjoy the sleep you need.
Natural latex layers are considered one of the most reliable and universally recommended materials with high elasticity properties, installed on a high-density and elastic foam body covered with a breathable fabric,
This mattress is truly the perfect choice for health and daily activity.
layers of comfort
Designed with natural latex layers of high density and superior quality
main supporter
Made of high-density and durable gray sponge with a pressure of up to 40 kilos per cubic meter

mattress outer fabric
Luxurious, high-quality fabric with a soft texture, absorbs negative energy from the body and replaces it with positive energy during sleep

Mattress Components

- Consisting of a slice of gray foam, pressure 40, high density and durability, with open cells, a height of 18 cm, supported by a slice of high-quality natural latex layer, a height of 8 cm, and embroidering the face on a slice of 1 cm of white polyester with a slice of 1.5 cm of natural visco material with a lining and Luxurious european cotton fabric

12 years warranty 

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Rebounded foam

SARSAR 483.00

mattress components

  • Composed of a slice of high-density compressed sponge, pressure 60, height 18 cm
  • Embroidered with jacquard fabric on a 1 cm slide of white polyester and the lining
  • Finished mattress height 20 cm
  • Double-sided usability


12 years warranty

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Hr Foam Hr Foam Specials

Hr Foam

SARSAR 1,932.00 SARSAR 1,255.00

HR-FOAM mattress
HR mattress offers you a unique layer of high-density profile HR foam with a pressure of up to 40 kg per cubic meter, which balances body weight and pushes it to the healthy life it needs.
The HR mattress is a combination of layers of extreme comfort in one package.
Primary Support
Layers of high quality and density HR sponge
mattress outer fabric
Luxurious high-quality cotton fabric with a soft feel

7 years warranty 

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