Terms & Conditions

warranty conditons:

Spring mattress warranty

  • Broken springs or spring wires.
  • Springs or spring wires separated from the unit and appear out of mattress through the layers.
  • Manufacture defect in fabric and stitching.

Bed base warranty:

  • Manufacturing defect (disjoining) of wooden frames and slats.
  • Manufacturing defects of spring wires and spring.
  • Scratch or cut in the fabric or dirty as a reason of transportation from SLEEP HIGH during loading and unloading.

Conditions excluded in warranty:

  • Changing color of fabric, dirty or burning as a reason of hasty use.
  • Misuse of mattress handles to relocate in abnormal way.
  • Damages of spring unit chasis by unusual way of relocation.
  • Damages caused by usage of perpendicular way of storing beds and mattresses.
  • Damages of matrresses caused by using unsuitable & unreasonable bed base.
  • Due to high humidity or liquid dirty, changes the smell of mattresses from inner part.
  • Missing the original stamped invoice.
  • Unrespect full follows of the right instructions that turn the mattress every 3 months.
  • Storage in an inproper place & method not suitable to.
  • Using unsuitable liquid material to clean the mattress like cloroxmight destroy the mattress fabric.

Terms and Conditions

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